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TimeSep 7, 2016

World Cup Defensemen - Part III - Offense

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We have looked at the overall and defensive proficiency of the World Cup defense groups, with Canada leading in both areas.

Can the Canadian D-Core three peat with a top ranking in offensive proficiency?

The offensive results below are from 2015/16 play-by-play data and represent the net average per minute "Offensive" contribution of each D-Core, which includes the frequency and impact of turnovers along with all positive offense created. See OFFENSE and OFFENSIVE PLAYS

Offensive Proficiency Results:

Team Percentage
Sweden: 100
Canada: 95.8
North America: 94.8
USA: 87.8
Russia: 64.5
Europe: 59.2
Finland: 50.3
Czech: 39.6

Canada’s D-Core is finally bumped from the top spot by an offensively gifted Swedish blueline led by the likes of Erik Karlsson and Oliver Ekman-Larsson.

Canada is a close second but the young offensive talent of North America, led by the emergence of Shayne Gotisbehere, is almost on par with the veteran Canadian defensemen.

The Czech’s drop from a very strong 2nd spot defensively to last spot offensively. The role of systems, goalies and forwards will factor into team success but how this defensive weighted D-Core plays out for the Czech's will be interesting.

Finland’s defensemen occupy the 7th spot both defensively and offensively but the Fin’s may very well be the best at implementing and executing a strong team system.

Note: These totals assume all defensemen receive equal ice time and perform in line with their past performance. If a team is willing to lean heavily on a few defensemen they can hide weakness in depth. In addition, the high profile world stage and higher level of competition will cause an increase in performance for some and a decrease in others.



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