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TimeMay 7, 2017

Oilers v Ducks - Series Highlights after 5 games

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The Ducks have a 13.1% overall play-by-play contribution advantage in the series through five games. Anaheim has contributed more on offense while defensive contributions have been very close.

The Anaheim forwards have out contributed the Oiler forwards by 6.7% but the Anaheim defensemen have a much larger 47% contribution advantage over the Oilers d-core, much of which is on offense, including the power play.


Ryan Getzlaff has been remarkable in the series and leads the next closest forward (McDavid ) in play-by-play contributions by 23.7%. Interesting, his offense is up 70.5% from the regular season but his defense has been cut in half. His teammates are unlikely to object to picking up the defensive slack when he is generating so much offense.

Connor McDavid had a slow start to the series (for him), but has put together two exceptional games to raise his series average to only 2.6% below his regular season average. His offense and defense balance is also near identical to the regular season.

McDavid’s and Getzlaf’s numbers highlight the huge jump in the level of play and contributions in the Stanley Cup playoffs. McDavid has been able to nearly match his league leading regular season play-by-play average, on a much more difficult stage, but still finds himself 23.7% behind Getzlaf in the series.

Jacob Silfverberg and Leon Draisaitl are the third and fourth forwards. Silfverberg is contributing 52.2% above his regular season average, and Draisaitl is 12.8% above his season average.

Through the last two games of the San Jose series and the first three games of the Anaheim series, Draisaitl was one of the best forwards in the playoffs over that stretch, and led McDavid by 61.5% in play-by-play contributions over those five games.


Kris Russell and Sami Vatanen are the leaders and have near identical contributions in the series, but Russell’s are heavily slanted to defense, and Vatanen’s to offense. Russel is 11.7% above his regular season average and Vatanen is 72.3% above his.

Hampus Lindholm and Cam Fowler occupy the third and fourth slots, giving Anaheim three of the top four spots. Lindholm is 3.8% above, and Fowler 24.1% below, their regular season averages.

Adam Larsson and Adam Sekera occupy the fifth and sixth spots in the series. Larsson has been a bit inconsistent but much improved from round one (177% up), and in the five games against the Ducks is performing 36.7% above his regular season average. Sekera was contributing 37.4% below his regular season average before he was lost to injury.

Oscar Klefbom has struggled to maintain his elevated level of play in round one. His play-by-play offense has dropped 33.5% in round two and his defensive contributions have dropped significantly more, leaving him contributing fifth among Oiler blueliners against the Ducks. With the loss of Sekera, he needs to take notes from McDavid and raise his game if the Oilers hope to force a game seven in Anaheim.




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