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TimeApr 23, 2017

Canadiens v Rangers - Game 6

Photo: David Hahn/Icon Sportswire

Hockey purist's will find the Rangers game six victory and end to the series of great disappointment.

Game six, like games four and five, was jammed with continuous punch and counter punch of offensive and defensive plays. There was minimal scoring throughout the series but plenty to watch, with very few stretches of rope-a dope, with one team or the other slowing down for stretches.

The Rangers used a combination of skill to gain a lead, and structure to preserve it on route to a game six 3-1 victory, summed up very well by King Henrick in his post-game comments,

“We have the skill, we have the speed, but at times we were out of structure a little bit (during the regular season)…. but I felt everything was clicking the right way this series and we came up big the last couple games.”

Ranger Contribution Leaders


1. Matt Zuccarello had his highest contribution of the playoffs, highlighted by his two-goal effort that launched him into the series goal scoring lead. Based on contribution numbers, the Rangers could ill afford to do without either Zuccarello or Lundqvist.

2. Kevin Hayes had his strongest contribution of the series, highlighted by his exceptional pass on the game winning goal.

3. JT Miller was third but honorable mention to Jimmy Vesey whose confidence seemed to take a jump in game six.

The fact Rick Nash was near the bottom of the forwards contribution list in game six, speaks very well to the Rangers depth. In each of games four through six, the Rangers had three contributing forwards which the Canadiens could not match.


1. Dan Girardi edged 2. Ryan Mcdonagh overall, by leading his team defensively, while Mcdonagh led the Ranger blue line offensively.

3. Brendan Smith was alone in third and continues to perform above his regular season average and be a valuable pick up for the Rangers.




Offensive Plays


Defensive Plays

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